Life Hacks That Don’t Work: How To Complicate Your Life With “Helpful” Tips

A woman will never stop trying to be beautiful, despite facing difficulties. Nowadays, there is unlimited access to information. Many people believe everything they read in articles and blogs without thinking about it or checking if it is true. Are folk cosmetics useful? Or are they ineffective and even dangerous?

Traditions of the past or modern cosmetics

Why did we need progress? So that we could have access to the best things and not have to use something prehistoric. Do you think if your grandmother had the opportunity to use a modern face cream that would protect her beauty from wrinkles, she would refuse? She would not have had to invent a recipe for a long time, look for ingredients, measure proportions, worry about whether it worked, and where and how to store the product so that it would not lose its properties. Today, all her actions would be reduced to opening a jar of her favorite cream and applying it to her face. However, despite the progress of science and technology, many people still prefer traditional recipes for skin care. Do they believe these methods are more natural, but is it so?

Seductive lips

Sometimes on blogs, you can find advice that seems strange. For example, some people say you can use all kinds of things to massage your lips actively. It includes using a toothbrush. They say this will give you amazing results, like bigger and softer lips. But is this true?

The skin on your lips is very thin and delicate. It dries out quickly, even from a light breeze. If you rub your lips with a toothbrush daily, you will damage the skin and dry out even more. You might also get an infection, which would be very painful.

There are ways to make your lips look bigger without needing to do anything drastic that could harm your appearance. For example, you can learn how to do makeup well and combine lipsticks and glosses correctly. There are also special cosmetics – balms or creams that stimulate blood flow and the production of natural collagen – that can help. And professional lip fillers are the best alternative to injections if you want to go that route.

elimination of puffiness on the face

Toothpaste for pimples on the face

Some people think that toothpaste can help eliminate pimples, but it can worsen them. Toothpaste can dry out your skin and make irritation worse. It’s best to avoid using toothpaste on your pimples. Taking risks with your appearance is not a good idea, especially if you have an important event coming up. Many professional cosmetics can help you fix the problem without harming your skin or ruining your beauty.

Elimination of puffiness on the face

To get rid of puffiness on your face, use a tablespoon in the fridge all night. Apply it to your eyelids, cheeks, and chin. And in the morning, instead of using a good quality cosmetic product made for this purpose, you use spoons instead. It doesn’t look as good, and you don’t have time to do your makeup properly. As a result, you are late for work.