Reasons Why Your Brows Don’t Look Perfect

Perfect brows can be essential to our overall look, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Even with the right products and tools, shaping your eyebrows can take time and practice. In addition, various reasons may explain why your brows don’t look quite perfect, from genetic makeup to a lack of knowledge of proper skin care techniques.

You lighten your eyebrows too much

One mistake that people sometimes make is lightning their eyebrows too much. It can be a problem, but there are a few simple rules that you can follow to avoid it:

  1. The color of your eyebrows should be the same as one or two shades darker than the color of your hair roots.
  2. If you have lightened your eyebrows too much, you can use an eyebrow pencil to cover them up.
  3. Using small touches, you should start by correcting the situation at the base of your eyebrows. Ideally, each hair should be dyed individually.

You leave too much space between your eyebrows

There is a thing called the golden ratio. It means that the base of the eyebrows and the center of the nostrils should be in a straight line. If you did not know this before and have already made this mistake, we advise you to use a special serum for eyebrow growth and use a pencil as a temporary solution to the problem.

serum for eyebrow growth

You make your eyebrows look the same

Remember that you cannot make both sides of your face the same. It means you should not make one eyebrow longer or thicker than the other. Instead, you should try to make them even, but not too even. Before you start, use a pencil to draw a thin outline where you want to remove the hair. Then, only after that can you pick up tweezers and remove the hairs that crossed the border you drew. The final touch is the correction of the work done with a pencil.

You pluck gray or coarse hairs

If you want to make your eyebrows look perfect, follow makeup artists’ advice. They recommend only removing the hairs that go outside of the eyebrow shape. For gray hairs, use tinted gel; for hard or unruly hairs, use a special gel.

You use a magnifying mirror

Makeup experts say not to use a magnifying mirror when shaping eyebrows. You can’t see both eyebrows simultaneously and ensure they look the same. Instead, use a regular mirror placed on a table or hung on the wall. This way, you can see the effect of your work in real-time.