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Posted on 30 December 2018

Accra, November 1


Evita Joseph, award winning Ghanaian beauty brand, has announced the launch of her professional grade safety and hygiene tools. This new collection is inspired by Evita Joseph’s desire to see the professional Makeup Artist, beauty counters and the makeup community practice safe and a more hygienic way of applying makeup on clients.

Our research and engagement with with professional Makeup Artist and beauty counters, revealed that product application and client safety could still be greatly improved. The safety of clients should be our outmost concern that is if we want to grow in our business. Many industry practitioners and watchers have raised concerns about the lack of proper and safe hygienic practices that could lead to infection on clients and contamination of product. For example, double-dipping in lip gloss and mascara can lead to contamination which can cause break outs on clients.

The introduction of the first collection of safety tools is Evita Joseph’s response to this problem and another step in lifting the standards of the makeup enterprise. Evita Joseph is passionate about safety and hygiene in our cosmetic industry and this first safety tools are made of non-toxic high quality materials and also packaged in a re-sealable zipper pouch which is lightweight and ready for on-the-go.


  • DISPOSABLE LIP WAND. This is a soft yet firm doe-foot sponge with a unique flock-tipped shape which makes application easier and fun. It is intended for applying lipstick, lip gloss and makeup. It is also useful as a makeup remover tool specially around the eye area.






  • DISPOSABLE MASCARA APPLICATOR: This is a straight classic non-slip flexible tapered silicon head mascara applicator which glides on lashes easily. It is also intended for brow grooming and separating clumped up lashes after mascara application.

Evita Joseph Disposable Mascara Applicator

With the introduction of these tools, Evita Joseph is confident the practice of makeup and grooming will be safer and more hygienic as professional Makeup Artistes and Beauty counters as well as the ordinary makeup person sharing her products with family and friends embrace this new way of applying makeup by making use of these tools and eliminating the dangers of practices such as double dipping. We know that every Makeup Artist and user of these tools will love it as it is exactly what we need to protect our clients and ourselves.


They are now available at EJB online store (www.ejbeautystore.com) and other leading makeup stores from November 1 , 2018.



About Evita Joseph:

 Since 2015, Evita Joseph have been researching, designing and producing world class beauty and makeup products for the Ghanaian and African market. Evita Joseph is an award-winning Ghanaian beauty brand with a unique focus on the woman of color. We believe beauty and confidence are defining attributes God has given every women and it is Evita Joseph’s mission to enhance them. Therefore, we are not just another beauty brand focused on making and selling makeup, but a brand passionate about building the next generation of confident and beautiful women ready to play their part in making this world a better place and to be role models for generations after generations. Named after the co-founder, Evita Joseph Asare, a trained Mechanical Engineer and a strong beauty advocate, the company still maintains our initial conviction that we can engineer beauty positively to create an extraordinary woman of color confident enough to take up every stage and challenge. In every way, we believe Evita Joseph is the go-to brand for the woman who is ready for tomorrow, today.



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